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Welcome to Oracle Aerospace – The premier Aerospace MRO Spares Specialist – Here is an insight into the high level of services that we can offer here in the UK. please review our site, information and links. Next time you have a requirement please call us or email it across and we will show you what we can do to make your work life that little bit easier. Our expertise is in expediting Aerospace product in a timely manner to many companies across all sectors of the Aerospace Industry, we are an EN 9120:2010 and ISO 9001:2008 approved “in time purchasing” department and we have strong relationships with manufacturers. Please see just a sample of parts we can help you with. also see our See our Aerospace Metals Page HERE Accelerometer, Actuators, Adaptors, Adhesives, Airbus parts, Aircraft Interior Lighting - Bulbs And Housings, Aircraft Interior Lighting - Cabin Signs (Transport A/C), Aircraft Interior Lighting - Cargo/Inspection Lighting, Aircraft Interior Lighting - Halogen Strip Lights, Aircraft Interior Lighting - Map/Reading Lights, Aircraft Lighting - Anti-Collision, Aircraft Lighting - Bulbs And Housings, Aircraft Lighting - Exterior, Aircraft Lighting - Interior, Aircraft Lighting - Night Vision/IR Lighting Systems, Aircraft Lighting - Rotating Beacon, Aircraft Lighting - Strobe, Aircraft Lighting - Taxi/Emergency, Airframe, Windows, Windshield & De-Icing, Airlock - Security Locks, Altimeters, AOG, Artex - Elt's & Batteries, Artificial Horizon, Assemblies, Auto Pilots, Backshells, Barry - Engine Mounts, Batteries, Lighting, Electrical & Avionics, Be Aerospace - De-Ice Boots, Be Aerospace (Ice-Shield), Bearings, Bespoke Manufactured Parts Expediting, Boeing - Spares, Bolts, Bombardier parts, Bonding Leads, Bonding Strips, Boots, Bose Headsets, Brackets, Brackett - Air Filters, Brakes, Cable Assemblies, Caps, Chain Assemblies, Champion - Exiters, Igniters, Leads, Oil Filters, Spark Plugs, Cherry - Rivets, Civil Aircraft And Helicopter Spares, Clamps, Clips, Concorde - Batteries, Connectors, Consumables, Control Surfaces, Coupling, Couplings, Decals, Diffuser Assemblies, Digital Glass Cockpit (Displays), Direction Indicator (DI), Door Assemblies, Dunlop - Tyres, Eaton - Valves & Power Packs, Elbows, Electro-Mechanical, Electronic Breakdown Components, Electronics – All Types, Engine And Undercarriage Components, Engine, Propeller, Engines, Fasteners, Blind Rivets, Captive Fasteners, Drive Rivets, Rivet Caps, Shoulder Rivets, Solid Rivets, Split Rivets, Threaded Inserts, Tubular Rivets, Filaments, Fire Fighting Equipment, Foodstuffs, Fuel Systems Hoses - Tubing, Garmin-Portable GPS, Gaskets, Gauges, General Electric - Lighting, Bulbs & Sensors, Gill - Batteries, GKN - Windscreens, Goodrich - De-Ice Boots, Goodrich - Starter Generators, Goodrich - Wheels & Brakes, Goodyear - Tires & Tubes, Greases, Lubricants, Chemicals, Sealants And Oils, Ground Support Equipment, Ground Support Equipment, Handles, Hardware – Fasteners, Seals, Bushes, Etc, Hardware - Rivets, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Etc, Hardware Hose, High Tech Computer / CD Information Systems, Hi-Loks, Hinges, Honeywell - Engine Assym., System Components, Honeywell Portable GPS - Av8or, Hose Assemblies, Hoses, Indicators, Inserts, Insulation, Lamp Assemblies, Latches, Led Products, Lightspeed Headsets, Locking Wire - SWG 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, Lubricants, Management Of Repair/Oh Services, Medical/Hospital Equipment, Meggitt - Wheels & Brakes, Military Aircraft And Helicopter Spares, Navigation Computers - Compass/Fuel System Gauges, NSN Parts, Oil, Orifices, O-Rings, Packing, Paint, Paint Stripper, Paints, Activators And Dopes, Panel Switching And Lighting Etc...(Cockpit/Cabin), Pilot Supplies, Pins, Pins (E.G Cotter), Pipes, Plugs, Power Plant, Ignition, Fuel Systems & Filters, PPG - Windshields & Windows, Pratt & Whitney - Engine Assym, Piece Parts, Filters & Gaskets, Printer Cartridges, Propellers, Pumps, Pumps & Filters, Raw Materials Including Metals, Alloys, Steel And Exotic Materials, Relays, Retainers, Rivets, Rolls-Royce - Parts, Rotables - Exchange & Customer Repairs, Rotary Switches, Screws, Seals, Securaplane - Batteries, Sleeving, Starter Generators, Studs, Submarine Spares, Switches, Synthetic Sand Bags/Sheets, Tee's, Telecommunications Equipment And Spares, Teledyne Continental - Engines, Parts & Ignition Systems, Textiles Including Uniforms, Boots, Protective Gear And Flight Clothing, Thermostats, Tools, Triumph (Lee Aerospace) - Windows, Tronair, Tyres, Tubes, Wheels & Brakes, Tyres, Wheels And Undercarriage, Unison - Harnesses, Parts & Spark Plugs, Valves, Washers, Wheel Assemblies, Wheels, Whelen - Lighting, Williams - Engine & Engine Components Windows, Windows Seals, Wing Components, Wire, Wire Harnesses And Airframe - Fuselage Components, Please send over the next R.F.Q you have on your desk.

Welcome to Oracle Aerospace


0512045 1We serve the UK's Aerospace, key cluster - We're an extension of your purchasing reach - Our expediting capabilities, inventory management and speed of delivery support your Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul SLA's by supplying parts and consumables on time.

Our network allows us to offer the right synergies; Strong supply chain services, forming a single point of contact partnership - Providing rapid responses and lower administrative overheads helping you deliver your programs to your customers. Reducing AOG and parts delinquencies, our strategic place in the marketplace will ensure your costs are controlled over the long term gaining you an advantage.

Whether you service one aircraft or a whole fleet Oracle Aerospace will ensure your business flies. our access to the right parts along with quick deliveries ensure our customers are kept free from part delinquencies.

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Whether you service one plane or support a whole fleet of aircraft, Oracle Aerospace is here for you. We offer the right synergies; forming a single point of contact partnership, allowing rapid responses and lower administrative overheads - helping you deliver your programs to your customers. Reducing AOG and parts delinquencies alongside our strategic place in the marketplace will ensure your costs are controlled over the long term. Our access to the right parts with quick deliveries ensure our customers are kept moving.

on time. every time.

Our services are specially tuned to provide busy purchasing departments with parts on time and within budget. Our team of experts have direct access to critical parts and tested purchasing power to expedite procurement. Our lean business model uses a trusted network of suppliers, manufacturers and MRO companies to ensure we have quick round the clock access to any part. EN/AS9120; Oracle Aerospace's quality management system, diligent team and IT system SkyNET ensure all quality and compliance is adhered to.



The largest selection at your fingertips.

At Oracle Aerospace we use up to 15 parts systems that give us real-time access into manufacturers stock holding, as well as access to many of your competitor's stock holding. Whether you need a fastener or a landing gear part we are sure to deliver on time. We take the stress and pain out of searching the globe; we have accounts set up with over 5000 approved suppliers. Our experienced team are primed and used to dealing with industry leading purchasing professionals and providing a single point of contact.



Focused on eta not aog.

We understand that keeping the aircraft in the air is the key to any successful aircraft business. The correct procurement partner provides a seamless, tried and tested supply chain ensuring the jet engines are turning and passengers and operators are served punctually. Our proven parts logistics combined with our industry knowledge ensure parts are on time, and at your site without fail.




Oracle Aerospace has a truly global reach. Our industry leading bespoke IT system, SkyNET means we have access to parts others can only dream of! Solid relationships combined with excellent credit facilities, ensure quick overseas dispatch from over 5000 suppliers around the world. Our chosen approved aerospace suppliers offer us the best price and quickest delivery, alongside all correct paperwork and authorization.




always in control.

Oracle Aerospace is at the forefront of technology and has certification from the industry leaders BSI - a widely recognised organisation who have a global pedigree of assessing management systems. We bring a high level of capability into our business to provide strict documentation across all our processes.



come onboard with oracle. the ultimate pre-flight team.

From the moment you send an enquiry, you'll feel the difference that Oracle Aerospace provides. We combine 50 years experience, great customer service and unrivalled procurement expediting capability... The choice is clear!


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ISO/AS Approved Company