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Helicopter Spares


Helicopter Spares is a division of Oracle Components Ltd it helps you by supplying parts from all over the world providing quality and prompt delivery. Our supply chain is dynamically tuned to the needs of our customers, we only offer guaranteed on-time genuine parts.

We can save your organisation time and money with less administration, reduced vendor base, and fewer delivery issues. Leading to streamlined orders, invoices and fewer payments needing to be made - combined with the fact we won't go off sick or on holiday.

Helicopter Spares provides a dedicated aerospace spares supply manager who's on hand throughout the day and via email into the evening.

Managing government and private sector contacts, in both defence and commercial sectors, to supply spares on an ongoing basis to rotor wing operators through the UK and Europe.

We can be reached via the contact us section to the right.

Or our dedicated Helicopter Spares website HERE


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We supply all types of Aerospace metal, our expertise with aerospace metal has won us respect from companies if you cannot find what you are looking for please Tel: +44 (0)1279 86 87 86 and we will help you as we are experts in sourcing any type of aerospace metal, we also keep stocks and provide all paperwork and certificates.

AIMS 03-02-035 AMS 4901 plate IGC 04-32-441 MM 0531
ASTM B265 Gr4 Sheet plate BAMS/CMS 516-02  AIR 9048.720/.730 Anodised Aluminium Tube
ABM3-1029/BAEM 1213 Titanium Tubing ASTM B367 Gr4 castings MILT9046H Type 1 Comp B Strip
ABM3-1030/BAEM 1218 AMS 4101 AIMS 03-02-029 AMS 4050/4201
Aluminium Bronze CR1.1.0.76  MILT9046J CP1 strip Pure Titanium
BAMS/CMS 516-06 Titanium CP Grade 1 DTD 5120 MILT9046H Type 1 Comp B plate
Phosphor Bronze Titanium Sheet CuZn36Pb3 ASTM B337 Gr4 Pipe
LN 9297 ABM1-1006 CuZn39Pb3 DMS2116
Copper Beryllium EN 2124 CR1.1.0.31 ABM3-1029/1030
Titanium CP Grade 4 MILT9046H Type 1 Comp B Sheet MM 0565 AMS 4252
ASN-A-3005/3098/3101 EN 2511 L95 Titanium Sheet DMS 1592
ABM1-1006/BAEM 1103 ASTM F467 Gr4 nuts Titanium Sheet DMS 1536 Titanium Plate
ASTM B338 Gr4 heat exchanger tube Titanium Sheet MILT 9046 Titanium Sheet MILT 9046 TYPE 3AIMS 03-02-017
AIMS 03-02-031 MEP 02-013 EN 2419 ABM3-1074
AIMS 03-02-033 AMS 4028/4029 Nickel Aluminium Bronze AMS 4901 Sheet
Titanium CP Grade 2 BS 3TA6 Sheet ABM1-1005/BAEM 0172 BAEM 1211
Titanium Alloy AIMS 03-02-009 DMS 2233 ALUMINIUM BAR
Silicon Aluminium Bronze IGC 04-32-232 MEP 02-014 AIMS 03-02-008
MSRR 8016 AMS 4089/4090/4202 AIMS 03-02-032 AIRBUS Metal
CuSn8P Grade 5 Titanium BAEM 0150 Werkstoff WS3.7064
MMS1580 ASTM F468 Gr4 bolts Titanium Sheet 6AL-4V  AIR9048.610/.620
AMS 4044/4045/4078 DTD 5010 EN 2123 Aluminium tube


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Please find further information on Harlow based Oracle Aerospace, part of Oracle Components Ltd, we wanted to provide you with an insight into the high level of services that we offer. Next requirement you have please call us or email it across and we will show you what we can do to make your work like that little bit easier. Our expertise is in an expediting product in a timely manner to many companies across all sectors of the Aerospace Industry, we're AS9120 and ISO9001:2008 approved in time purchasing department, and we have strong relationships with manufacturers, we're strong on many components. Please see below a sample of parts we help you with:

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